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International Lecture by Marianne Thieme, Founder Party for the Animals

  • Marianne Thieme
Friday 22 June 2018
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Spanish Steps
Marianne Thieme, founder and leader of world's first successful Party for the Animals (PftA), will give a lecture on Friday the 22nd of June in The Hague. Her talk will be on encouraging the international animal rights debate and its political meaning. She will highlight the problematic role of the livestock industry in our society. The lecture is part of the international conference “Make a Change for Livestock and our Planet”, during which participants from all parts of the world will exchange ideas about making a positive change for animals and our planet. Anyone who’s interested in social justice, animal rights, animal welfare, sustainability, climate change and politics is welcome to attend!  

Party for the Animals

The Dutch Party for the Animals is the first political party in the world that does not put the short-term interests of human beings first, but focuses on the entire planet and all of its inhabitants. Since the PftA was founded in 2002, a movement that politically represents the cross-border interests of animals, nature and the environment, is developing worldwide. Today there are 19 like-minded political parties in 19 countries around the world and more parties are being founded every year

The lecture is in English and you can register here for free.

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