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Faculty roundtable

Faculty Roundtable | Is Critical Islam Possible?

Thursday 7 June 2018
Register via lucis@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

In the LUCIS annual lecture, Ziauddin Sardar argues that it is time to move from dialogue to polylogues - discussions between different groups with different perspectives, different modes of thought, and different concerns, hopes and desires. 

In this faculty roundtable, that is what we will try to establish: we will bring together a diverse group of people to discuss the question: is critical Islam possible? Through discussing the question openly, we hope to synthesise multiple perspectives and aim to transcend differences. 



Welmoet Boender (1974) is Lecturer Islam and staff member of the Leiden Islam Academy (LIA). She has graduated in Cultural Anthropology (1997) and in Islamic Studies (1998) at Leiden University.


Ahab Bdaiwi is a lecturer in the Philosophy department at Leiden University. His research ventures into an array of subjects and themes in Islamic studies but oftentimes revolves around the disciplines of philosophy, theology, intellectual history, and oriental manuscripts in Islamicate societies.

Yaser Ellety is a theologian at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In his dissertation, he researched the historical trajectory of Islamic interpretations of development, pluralism and democracy. 

Judith Frishman is Professor of Judaism at Leiden University. She has researched the reformation of Judaism in post-Enlightenment Western Europe and now aims to compare her findings to modern debates on Islam in the West.

Amr Ryad is a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the KU Leuven. His current focus is on modern Islamic intellectual and religious history.  

Ziauddin Sardar is Chair of the Muslim Institute, a learned, fellowship society that promotes knowledge and debate, and editor of Critical Muslim, an innovative quarterly on contemporary Muslim ideas and 

Care to join?

If you would like to attend the faculty roundtable, please register via lucis@hum.leidenuniv.nl. There is a limited number of seats available, so don't wait too long! 

Ziauddin Sardar in Leiden

LUCIS is happy to welcome Ziauddin Sardar to Leiden in June 2018. 

On Wedenesday 6 June, he is the speaker at our annual lecture, titled From Islamisation to Integration of Knowledge.
On Thursday 7 June, he will engage with fellow thinkers in a faculty roundtable surrounding the question Is Critical Islam Possible? 
On Friday 8 June, he will host this masterclass on the theme of Islam, Knowledge and Culture in Postnormal Times

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