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Decolonisation of knowledge in the digital age: Launch of new open access journal Bridging Humanities

  • Babah Tarawally
  • Jan Peter Wissink
  • Mirjam de Bruijn
  • Anne-Lot Hoek
  • Ernst Jansz
  • Didier Lalaye
  • Lamin Kutayeh
Thursday 7 June 2018
Impact Hub Amsterdam
Linnaeusstraat 2C
1092CK Amsterdam

The meeting will launch Bridging Humanities, a new Open Access academic publishing platform that aims to experiment with research carried out in co-creation and based on digital multimedia methodologies. Join us for an evening of debate, presentations and performances.

The meeting will bring together scholars, journalists, publishers and artists from a wide range of practices to explore how the journal can contribute to ‘decolonisation of knowledge’ (this stands for eradicating all possible inequalities in knowledge production). Knowledge is power, but who has the authority to claim knowledge? In the dispositions of our world the answer is hidden in unseen conditions of inequalities that have a long (colonial) history. How do these histories of inequality transpire in our practices of publication? And in our practices to divide knowledge productions between academics, journalists, artists, citizens? In the digital era we have to re-question and reorder these divisions. Digital environments are thought to be equal and have the power to democratize. Co-creation, voice, and sharing become central concepts in knowledge production. How do we work with this new reality in our publication practices? Bridging Humanities tries to find an answer(/solve) to these questions. How can we make use of the digital opportunities to build a publication environment that allows for better visibility of the process of knowledge production? How can we make sure more voices are heard in this process? And how can we present academic work in ways in which the visual can more freely interact with the textual?

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