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Arts and culture | Concert/artistic presentation as part of PhD Defence

Concert Crawford Young

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Entrance is free
Lutherse Kerk
Hamburgerstraat 9
3512 NN Utrecht

PhD Defence

This concert is part of Young's PhD Defence of his research, titled “La Cetra Cornuta : the Horned Lyre of the Christian World


La Cetra Cornuta: From Confraternity to Court
Two aspects of music from the Trecento and Quattrocento periods, the “devotional” and the “courtly”, are presented in this program of works from Perugian and Florentine manuscript sources. Representing the devotional genre are laude (songs of praise sung by all levels of society, but particularly within the laudesi or confraternities), while courtly musical entertainment includes songs (madrigale, frottole), dance music (bassadanze, balli) and studies in musical proportion.
The short concert performance features the singing of Patrizia Bovi, as well as stringed instruments: two cetre from the early 14th- and late 15thcenturies, plus 15th-c. lute and harp.

Patrizia Bovi, voice, harp
Crawford Young, cetre, lute

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