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Alumni Event

Alumni Event East Asia Studies (China, Korea and Japan Studies)

Saturday 30 June 2018
Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden

Event for faculty staff, students and alumni East Asia studies (China, Korea and Japan Studies).


Starting at 15.00h there will be speeches about: 

  • the history of the Arsenaal
  • the new housing of East Asia Studies
  • the Asian Library

There will also be a pop-up exhibition about 40 years East Asia Studies in the Arsenaal.

Registration and costs

RSVP Arsenaal Alumni Event (registration deadline: June 29). The participation costs are €2,00 (payment at the door on June 30, Please note: PIN only).

About the Arsenaal

The Arsenaal was originally a barracks, built in 1818. A massive square structure with an open courtyard. In 1850, the complex was enlarged. In the seventies of the twentieth century the barracks closed at the Doelensteeg, after which the building was bought by Leiden University. Since 1981, the Arsenal served as the home base for students of East Asia Studies.

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