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PhD Defence

Biliary strictures after liver transplantation

  • A.C. den Dulk
Wednesday 13 June 2018
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


Orthotopic liver transplantation is considered the only definite treatment option for end-stage liver failure. This thesis describes several aspects and the clinical importance of biliary strictures, one of the most frequent complications after liver transplantation. The  research attempted to facilitate diagnosis of these strictures by the use of non-invasive screening tools. The thesis also demonstrates that most biliary strictures can be wll-treated, although this seems more difficult for non-anastomotic biliary strictures (strictures located above the surgical seam in the biliary tree) than for anastomotic strictures (located on the surgical seam). Therefore, it is importance to prevent the development of non-anastomotic strictures. One possible way to accomplish this, is to improve the quality of the donated livers by specific preparation methods of the liver before transplantation. An additional advantage is that this preparation also ensure that more livers become fit for transplantation. 


  • Prof. B. van Hoek
  • Prof.dr. Ir. H.W. Verspaget


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