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Lecture | Q&A

The Plastic Soup: Albatross the Film

  • Silke Nauta
  • Ingeborg van der Ven
Wednesday 23 May 2018
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Spanish Step

Silke Nauta, campaigner of the Plastic Soup Foundation and expert on the subject, will join us during the screening of the film ‘Albatross’. Before watching the screening of the movie, Silke Nauta will elaborate on the issue of plastics in our society. After watching the movie the floor will be opened for questions and discussions about the problem of the plastic soup. Journalist Ingeborg van der Ven will moderate the discussion.

The film

Photographer and director Chris Jordan worked eight years on this movie about the Albatrosses on the island Midland in the Pacific Ocean. This special bird trusts the sea completely in supplying food. Because of the pollution of the ocean, plastic has become a full part of the ecosystem of the bird with disastrous consequences for the existence it. The film was shown on the Movies that Matter festival in The Hague and Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam. Read more about the movie.

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