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Reading Session - Latino-Arabic papyrus with Prof. D’Ottone

  • Arianna D’Ottone
Saturday 19 May 2018
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Coming Saturday, May 19, 13.00- 16.00, we will have a reading session of the highly interesting papyrus recently published by Prof. Arianna D’Ottone and Dr. Dario Internullo. This papyrus is an Arabic language papyrus written in the Latin alphabet, and is therefore of invaluable historical and linguistic value.

As Prof. D’Ottone is joining us this week here in Leiden, and only has time on Saturday, this reading session will be held on this day, from 13.00-16.00. The reading session will take place at Lipsius 2.04.


If you wish to attend this reading session, please e-mail Dr. Marijn van Putten (m.van.putten@hum.leidenuniv.nl) to inform him that you wish to attend.


The reference to the article that we will discuss is:

  • A. D'Ottone Rambach & D. Internullo (2018) "One Script for Two Languages: Latin and Arabic in an Early Allographic Papyrus". in A. D'Ottone Rambach (ed.) Palaeography Between East and West. Proceedings of the Seminar on Arabic Palaeography held at Sapienza, University of Rome. Pisa & Roma: Fabrizio Serra, pp. 53-72.
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