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LUCIR Lecture: Brexit Stage Right - Sovereignty and the Dynamics of Role Transformation

  • Juliet Kaarbo (University of Edinburgh)
Wednesday 16 May 2018
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

The sovereignty-role nexus

Juliet Kaarbo will examine the UK’s decision to leave the European Union as a role transformation arising from sovereignty concerns. This distinct type of role change highlights the nexus between sovereignty and the roles states play on the world stage. The sovereignty-role nexus involves four components:  sovereignty itself as a role, the sovereign role’s entanglement with substantive foreign policy roles, the impact of such role change on the foreign policy roles of other actors, and the potential impact on prevailing norms of sovereignty themselves. Using the Brexit case, Juliet Kaarbo will discuss a dynamic model of sovereignty-based role transformations that includes internal role contestation and external role socialization.

About the speaker

Juliet Kaarbo

Juliet Kaarbo is Professor of International Relations with a Chair in Foreign Policy at the University of Edinburgh.  She is founding co-director of Edinburgh’s Centre for Security Research.  She previously held posts at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and the University of Kansas. Her research focuses on political psychology, leadership and decision making, group dynamics, foreign policy analysis and theory, parliamentary political systems, and national roles and has appeared in journals such as International Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, International Studies Review, Political Psychology, West European Politics, Cooperation and Conflict, Foreign Policy Analysis, Journal of International Relations and Development, and Leadership Quarterly. In 2012, Professor Kaarbo published Coalition Politics and Cabinet Decision Making: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Choices (University of Michigan Press) and in 2016 she co-edited Domestic Role Contestation, Foreign Policy, and International Relations (Routledge). She is Associate Editor of the journal Foreign Policy Analysis, since 2013 and she is the 2018 Distinguished Scholar of Foreign Policy Analysis in the International Studies Association.

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