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Challenging poor behaviour in academia

  • Oscar David
  • Claartje Vinkenburg
  • Scott Soldier
Friday 25 May 2018
12.30 hrs. walk-in, the event start at 13.00 hrs.
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Klein auditorium

How to tackle and prevent intimidation and abuse of power

Power, abuse of power, harassment, and misconduct in academia. A theme that deserves attention, but is often dismissed as non-urgent, non-existent and therefore: non-important. Contributing to the taboo character of the subject, is that people simply do not dare to share their experiences for fear of consequences (or worse: lack of consequences). The Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) and Leiden University, host of this event, think it is important to focus on substainable attention for the theme beyond the hype and most of all: ways of preventing and dealing with abuse of power.

Keynote speakers

  • Oscar David (NL), organisation psychologist - published an extensive study about mechanisms of power. Oscar will get you up-to-date about mechanisms and structures of power and abuse of power. 
  • Claartje Vinkenburg (NL), associate professor of organizational behavior - critically explored the impact of implicit bias, normative beliefs, and discursive practices on career systems, patterns, and outcomes. Claartje has collected various individual and institutional strategies to reduce sex-based harassment and to improve work-place cultures. In an 'active bystander training',
  • Scott Solder (UK), executive coach, trainer and facilitator - developed a groundbreaking workshop on how to challenge inappropriate behaviour, bullying and harassment in the workplace (used succesfully at for exemple Imperial College London). In an 'active bystander training', Scott discusses tools to deal with poor behaviour in your own work environment.


12.30 hrs.

Welcome with coffee and tea

13.00 hrs.

Opening by LNVH chair Hanneke Takkenberg

13.10 hrs.

Word of welcome by Carel Stolker, Leiden University Board

13.20 hrs.

Keynotes by Oscar David ‘The Integrity of Power’ and Claartje Vinkenburg ‘Sex-based harassment in the Academy: signals and strategies’

14.00 hrs.

Plenary workshop 'The active bystander training' by Scott Solder

15.30 hrs.


16.00 hrs.

Panel discussion – Storytelling

Het Acteursgenootschap will play out cases of poor behaviour, misconduct and harassment. Together with the audience, an expert panel discusses logical courses of action and how to tackle and prevent these situations.

Panelists include:

  • Leo ten Brink - President of the Dutch Association of Confidential Counsellors (LVV)
  • Anneriek de Heer - directeur Personeel en Organisatie Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, voorzitter HRNU-overleg (VSNU)
  • Richard Korver - lawyer (specialised in sexual harassment cases)
  • Petra Meier - professor University of Antwerp, EU project EGERA: Recommendations to prevent and fight sexual harassment in academia
  • Ingeborg van der Ven - author of the series on sexual harassment in the academic world in ScienceGuide

17.30 hrs.

Closing statements: Pieter Duisenberg (president VSNU) reflects on ways of tackling and preventing intimidation and abuse of power in academia

17.45 hrs.

Round up by Hanneke Takkenberg

17.45 hrs.


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