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Monthly Triple E lecture | Van Vuuren | Climate policy post-Paris

  • Prof. dr. Detlef van Vuuren
Thursday 26 April 2018
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

The Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 2°C and aspire the sub-1.5°C mark has been ratified by many countries. It is a landmark agreement in climate change policy, however, even in the eyes of optimists, to actually reach the objectives of this agreement still seems a long-haul away. Detlef van Vuuren will discuss pathways to moving forward in post-Paris climate policy, integrating renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, reduction of non-CO2 gases and land-based mitigation measures.

Van Vuuren is a professor of integrated assessment of global environmental change at the Netherlands’ Utrecht University, and senior researcher at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. In his research, he covers socio-economic, technological, lifestyle, policy and other factors and their relationship to climate change.

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Third triple E lecture by Van Vuuren | Climate policy post-Paris

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