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Networked Content Analysis: The Case of Climate Change

  • Sabine Niederer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Tuesday 24 April 2018
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

On the Study of Networked Content: Five Considerations for Digital Research The analysis of mediated content has a strong tradition, which started in communication science and has since then been applied across a wide range of academic disciplines. So-called content analysis provides a means to study (mass) media content in many media shapes and formats in order retrieve signs of the zeitgeist, such as cultural phenomena, representation of certain groups, and the resonance of political viewpoints.

In the era of big data and digital culture, in which websites and social media platforms produce massive amounts of content and network this through hyperlinks and social media buttons, content analysis needs to become adaptive to the many ways in which digital platforms and engines output content. Sabine Niederer therefore puts forward networked content analysis as a digital research approach for the humanities and beyond. With five considerations for digital research in the humanities, this lecture aims to offer food for discussion and ways forward for humanities researchers who are ready to work with digital methods and tools to study online networked content. The case study in this talk is the climate change debate, which Niederer analyses across various online platforms (such as Wikipedia and Twitter).

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