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Invite: Autorenlesung 26 April

Thursday 26 April 2018
Van Wijkplaats
Van Wijkplaats 3
2311 BX Leiden

On the 26th of April and in collaboration with the degree programme 'German Language and Culture' of Leiden University, the 'Cultuur & Kommunikation' foundation shall be hosting a reading by author Jose F. A. Oliver. The guest will read excerpts from his book „21 Gedichte aus Istanbul, 4 Briefe & 10 Fotow:orte“.

Oliver was born in Hausach, the Black Forest in 1961 to Andalusian parents. Hausach has remained Oliver's home to this day. He is a writer of essays, poems and short prose as well as curator and creator of the literary festival "LeseLenz". Oliver is also engaged in the development of children's and young adults' affinity with language as well as in broadening their literary knowledge and understanding. 

The German department welcomes all who may be interested, students and employees alike, to attend the event which will be held in German.

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