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Interfaculty Congress: Failure Festival

Monday 16 April 2018
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

Failure Festival: making the most of mistakes

On April 16th the Interfaculty Congress 2018 will take place at Wijnhaven, The Hague. The theme of the congress is Failure Festival: making the most of mistakes! From 18:00 till 22:00 you’ll learn everything about failure and mistakes, seen from the perspectives of different studies. The program consists of a lecture, workshops and a keynote discussion and of course at the end of the evening there will be drinks. There is no entrance fee and the congress is open to all students. The doors of room 2.02 will be open from 18:00-18:30, we hope to see you there!


Diederik Stapel 
Diederik Stapel used to be known as one of the most leading psychologist of the Netherlands. He was a professor in social psychology at the University of Tilburg when people found out he fraud his research data. After this discovery he had to go on with his life. He wrote an autobiographical book about his Fraud and is willing to talk to you about the life after such a ‘ failure’.

Frank Vogel
Failure is not a thing that really comes to mind when you’re estimated net worth is over 110 million euros. However, even this entrepreneur with a classic winning mentality has experienced setbacks in the form of bankruptcies and, recently, a huge fine of the Dutch National Bank. How he copes with all this? That’s what he will talk about.

Ben Elsinga
Ben Elsinga is currently working as a consultant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has worked for over two decades for the ICT- and Consultancy firm CapGemini. He has a great deal of experience with the problems that young professionals face at the start of their careers, which he describes and tackles in his book ‘De jonge professional’.

Emile Dingjan
The fear to fail is not unfamiliar to students, especially around the exams. Because this could lead to serious mental health problems, the University of Leiden has a number of studentpsychologists. Emile Dingjan is one of them and he provides performance anxiety reduction trainings, to help students cope with their fear to fail.

Frans van Lunteren
Frans van Lunteren’s discipline is the history of natural sciences. His research is mainly focussed on the foundations of physics from 1815 till 1940. He for instance teaches a class about turning points in the history of science. In his work he studies the interaction between science and society, especially when in comes to practical and cultural implications. Who would be a more suitable person to ask about failure in the history of science?!

Nienke van der Heide
Nienke van der Heide works at the University of Leiden as a researcher in the field of cultural anthropology and as the coordinator of the Honourstrack of the faculty of social sciences. For her research she spent two years in Kyrgyzstan and over the years she has taught on numerous universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

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