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Guest lecture on Technology & Operations Management by Alp Arslan

  • Alp Arslan
Thursday 5 April 2018
Pieterskerkhof 6
2311 SR Leiden

Same-day delivery using in-store customers with store transfers

On Thursday April 5th, Alp Arslan from the Rotterdam School of Management will present his paper on Technology & Operations Management. This paper considers a system in which in-store customers can make deliveries on their way to home. They may deliver directly to the home of an online customer or transfer the package to another store after which another in-store customer makes the final delivery. To examine the potential of such store transfers, he presents an optimization approach to match delivery tasks and in-store customers in real-time. Numerical experiments show that allowing transfers decreases the system-wide cost and the inconvenience of the participating drivers by reducing the required detours.

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