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Future Friday: Reimagining learning: piloting 360 Virtual Reality

Friday 20 April 2018
Future Fridays
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Inspiration Lab

How can 360 Virtual Reality (VR) contribute to new forms of academic teaching and learning? What are the implications of using 360 VR in higher education?

At this Future Friday+, we will explore together the potential of this digital and immersive medium. 

Currently, the Centre for Innovation is half-way through a 360 VR Innovation pilot. On 20 April, we will share our first insights with you and try to find preliminary answers to the questions posed above. In the pilot, there are six participating teams, including those from four different Leiden University Faculties and ICLON.

To help participants understand this new medium, a VR expert will be at hand to give you an outside-in perspective on a VR project, introducing you to the potential of 360 video in combination with immersive experiences, storytelling and scenario building. We will also host an active workshop where you can learn to design an educational VR experience, highlighting the unique strengths and possibilities the medium provides.


13:00 - Registration, tea & coffee

13:15 - Introduction Innovation pilot

13:30 - Presentation case study VR expert  

14:15 - Workshop: Learning with 360 VR  

Theory can be understood by following a lecture and skills can be practiced with the use of simulation or role play. But how can you make students aware of the impact of their actions? How do you prepare future doctors mentally for stressful situations, such as a medical internship? With 360 VR storytelling, we aim to create and strengthen awareness, confidence and understanding - providing a 'reality check' in a safe environment. During this 1,5 hour workshop, you will experience the thought process of 360 VR design for educational purposes, while working on real-life cases.

15.30 - Wrap up: potential & challenges

For more information, please visit our website.

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