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Joint Book Launch of Felicia Rosu and Christoph Augustynowicz

Thursday 19 April 2018
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Conference Room (2.60)

You are cordially invited to the festive joint book launch of 

Elective Monarchy in Transylvania and Poland-Lithuania, 1569-1587 by dr. Felicia Rosu and Kleine Kulturgeschichte Polens by Christoph Augustynowicz (Vienna University, at present Guest Professor in the context of the visiting scheme of the Leiden Foundation for Austrian Studies).

Elective Monarchy in Transylvania and Poland-Lithuania, 1569-1587 is an examination of why and how the elective principle, already established in Transylvanian and Polish political culture in the late medieval period, was transformed in the early elections of the 1570s. In this period, the two polities adopted constitutional arrangements different in depth and scope but based on the same fundamental principles: elective thrones, state-sanctioned religious pluralism, and constitutional guarantees for the right of disobedience.

In Kleine Kulturgeschichte Polens is a concise cultural history of Poland, that traces the country's history from the Middle Ages up to the twentieth century. Augustynowicz shows how Poland, located in the center of Europe, interacted with broader intellectual and cultural currents in Eastern and Western Europe, and traces how a succinct Polish culture developed throughout the ages.

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