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Conference | Workshop

School absenteeism

  • Hosted by the Lorentz Center
  • supported by Leiden University, Indiana University, Aarhus University
  • with invited academics and practitioners from 13 countries
  • David Heyne
Monday 12 March 2018 - Friday 16 March 2018
Faculty of Science

Workshop aims

School absenteeism is a universal problem that negatively impacts youth, families, schools, and the broader community. For decades, there has been disagreement about the best ways to understand and respond to attendance problems. Definitions vary considerably across countries but also between school communities within a country.

We – educators, practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers – need to be able to efficiently and confidently determine whether a youth’s absenteeism is problematic and warranting intervention. We also need to know which procedures and instruments are most helpful for identifying youth and families in need of support.

Dr David Heyne and colleagues from Sweden, Australia, USA, and the UK obtained funding to host a Lorentz Workshop titled: “School Absenteeism – Universal Problem Seeks Gold Standard Solutions”. This workshop brings together 25 international academics and practitioners focused on the thorny problem of school absenteeism.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the problem of absenteeism. Rather, participants will work towards a shared vision for this complex field. Workshop discussions are geared towards the main aim: consensus and uptake of best practices for conceptualizing attendance problems and identifying youth at risk.

Towards the end of the workshop an International Taskforce will be established to steer the evolution and dissemination of interventions.

School Absenteeism: Universal Problem Seeks Gold Standard Solutions

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