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The open society and its closed communities

  • Ruud Koopmans (Germany)
  • Rumy Hasan (United Kingdom)
  • Amos Guiora (United States of America/Israel)
  • Joanna Williams (United Kingdom)
  • Paul Scheffer (Netherlands)
  • Jan Willem Sap (Netherlands)
  • Bastiaan Rijpkema
  • Michael Klos
  • Ligia Tomoiaga (Romania)
Thursday 22 March 2018 - Friday 23 March 2018
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague

The department of Jurisprudence, University of Leiden, in cooperation with the Dutch ministry of the Interior, will hold a conference on The open society and its closed communities. This conference will give essential insight in problems faced by democratic societies today by discussing the relevance of the open society, the potential threat of closed communities, and why governmental policies have so far failed to realize the open society. Measures that are likely to be successful and legitimate in realizing modernist values and discouraging tribalism, as well as the validity of the idea of “openness” will also be questioned. Are we chasing a mirage, or is an open society an attainable goal?

Within the open society, closed communities based on ethnicity and religion continue to exist. What is sometimes referred to as “tribal culture” is more resilient than expected. Governments in democratic societies have tried to “open” those closed communities by introducing policies aimed at the integration or assimilation of minority groups, but they are not always successful. “Identity politics” come to the fore. Groups with strong ethnic and religious ties feel encouraged to stick to their identities or even to cultivate those. Are these a threat to an open, democratic society?

The conference will host a variety of international speakers and experts from different fields. Speakers of this interdisciplinary conference will include:

  • Ruud Koopmans (Germany)       
  • Rumy Hasan (UK)
  • Amos Guiora (USA/Israel)
  • Joanna Williams (UK)
  • Paul Scheffer (the Netherlands)
  • Jan Willem Sap (the Netherlands)
  • Bastiaan Rijpkema (the Netherlands)
  • Michael Klos (the Netherlands)
  • Ligia Tomoiaga (Romania)

For more information about the program, the topics discussed by each speaker, certificates, as well as registration and ticket information, please refer to this website.

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