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Emotion in the Qur’an: An Overview

Tuesday 13 March 2018
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LUCIS Spring Fellow 2018: Karen Bauer
Van Wijkplaats
Van Wijkplaats 2
2311 BX Leiden

Emotional rhetoric

This lecture focuses on the different types of emotional rhetoric that are used in the Qur’an to persuade the audience to believe and convince them to act accordingly. The ultimate aim is to create a new community of believers, who re-orient their emotional ties from the things of this world to God and each other. This lecture gives an overview of how emotional and emotive rhetoric works in the Qur’an, surveys approaches from the field of emotions history and Biblical studies, and proposes new interdisciplinary methods of studying emotion in the Qur’an and early Islam.

About Karen Bauer

Dr. Karen Bauer (PhD, Princeton, 2008) is a Senior Research Associate in the Qur’anic Studies Unit at the institute of Ismaili studies. She specialises in Islamic social and intellectual history; her specific interests include the Qur’an and Qur’anic exegesis, emotions and emotional rhetoric in Islamic history, and gender in Islamic history and thought. Her research centers on medieval texts, but she occasionally ventures into modern territory, such as when she interviewed religious scholars (ʿulamaʾ) in Iran and Syria for her book Gender Hierarchy in the Qur’an. She has published on subjects such as emotional rhetoric in the Qur'an, women’s right to be judges in medieval Islamic law, the potential and actual audiences for medieval tafsīr, and the formula pertaining to kindness in marriage present in both tafsīr and the documentary evidence of contracts of marriage. She is active in the International Qur’anic Studies Association (IQSA).

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