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Frank Slijper, Programme Leader at PAX for Peace

  • Frank Slijper
Thursday 29 March 2018
International Relations Seminar Series
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

The international arms trade in the context of war and peace

Frank Slijper is Programme Leader at PAX for Peace, a Netherlands-based organization that cooperates with local communities in conflict areas to foster the development of just and peaceful societies. They develop and support peace initiatives in countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, and have office for the UN in New York and for the EU in Brussels. In their work, they bridge the local-international divide by connecting the security needs of local communities to policy makers at the EU and the UN.

Frank Slijper is an expert on arms trade and control, and disarmament, as well as the wider area of military affairs. In his recent projects, Frank Slijper coverd the Dutch and international arms trade, nuclear weapons, landmines and cluster bombs, nuclear proliferation, Iraq's chemical weapons programme and the militarisation of Europe, amongst other things. His current work centres on topics like international arms trade, killer robots, and explosive weapons in populated areas. Prior to his work at PAX, Frank Slijper worked for the Transnational Institute and the ‘Campagne tegen Wapenhandel’ (campaign against arms trade). He holds a Master degree in International Economics from University of Groningen.

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