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Screening of documentary AlphaGo

Thursday 15 February 2018
Pathé Tuschinski

On February 15, ZYLAB organizes a screening of the award-winning documentary AlphaGo, in collaboration with the Leiden Centre of Data Science. The documentary chronicles the greatest triumph of Artificial Intelligence: Google DeepMind's defeat of the champion Go player Lee Sedol.  

In 2016, AlphaGo surprised everyone by defeating the world champion in the extremely intricate board game Go. When compared with chess computers such as Deep Blue or Watson, AlphaGo's underlying algorithms are evidence that the scientific community is making progress towards artificial general intelligence.

Introduction by Jaap van den Herik

LCDS-director Jaap van den Herik, former president and editor in chief of the International Computer Games Association, will introduce the film. As one of the pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Gaming and intelligent legal systems, he will explain what this milestone means for AI, the future of LegalTech and the legal profession in particular.


The screening will take place in Tuschinski, Amsterdam. Entrance is free, but seats are limited.
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Screening at LIACS

On Thursday, 8 March, the Leiden Institute of Advances Computer Science (LIACS) organizes a screening of AlphaGo in Leiden, with an introduction and Q&A by Machine Learning professor Holger Hoos.

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