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PhD Defence

PhD Defence Sahar Noor

  • Sahar Noor MA
15 February 2018
Academiezaal Aula
Comeniuslaan 2
Academiezaal Aula

Creating a Female Islamic Space. Piety, Islamic knowledge and religious authority among Born-Muslims and converts to Islam in the Netherlands and Belgium.


The dissertation of NISIS member Sahar Noor studies the pious activities of Muslim women in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders) in 'sister groups', female pious circles organized for and by Muslim women. This research analyzed how Born-Muslim women and converts to Islam come together in these pious circles where piety is cultivated and knowledge about Islam is acquired and disseminated under the guidance of female religious authorities. This study also focusses on the interaction between Born-Muslims and converts to Islam in these pious circles. The study and dissemination of Islamic knowledge in this research takes place in the Dutch and Flemish languages and in pious circles consisting of Born-Muslims and converts with a Flemish or Dutch background. Moreover, the way in which these women study Islam corresponds with European developments such as religious individualization and autonomy. Therefore, I consider these pious circles and their pious activities among Muslim women in these European societies as ‘European Islam.’

See for more information the website of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

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