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LCN2 Seminar: Dynamics on lattices

Friday 23 February 2018
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Science club

February 2018 seminar

Speaker:  Hermen Jan Hupkes
Title: Dynamics on lattices


We study dynamical systems posed on lattices (regular graphs/networks), with a special focus on the behaviour of basic objects such as travelling corners, expanding spheres and travelling waves. Such systems arise naturally in many applications where the underlying spatial domain has a discrete structure. Think for example of the propagation of electrical signals through nerve fibres, where the the myeline coating has gaps at regular intervals. Or the study of magnetic spins arranged on crystal lattices. Throughout the talk we will explore the impact that the spatial topology of the lattice has on the dynamical behaviour of solutions. We will discuss lattice impurities, the consequences of anistropy and make connections with the field of crystallography

About the LCN2 seminar

This talk is part of a series of seminars organized within an ongoing scientific initiative called "Leiden Complex Networks Network (LCN2), which aims at bringing together scientists with a common interest in both theoretical models and empirical analyses of complex networks and random graphs. The LCN2 community that is being established shares the approach of using networks for describing real-world complex systems and aims at developing related analytical and numerical methods, while also being open to other research approaches for studying complex systems. The talks are designed for a broad audience, allowing for constructive exchanges of ideas between scientists from different disciplines. Both during and after the talk, some drinks and snacks are provided.

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