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Lecture | Digital Archaeology Group Meeting

Back on the turntable

  • Loes Opgenhaffen (University of Amsterdam)
Thursday 8 February 2018
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

Visualising the potter’s wheel with 3D technology

The assessment of potting strategies invariably starts with the macroscopic analysis of a vessels’ surface features, mainly through visual and tactile examination. Only few specialized archaeologists are able to observe and interpret these macrotraces in detail, through investigating the co-occurrence of macrotraces and the morphology of a ceramic vessel.

This PhD-project investigates how algorithms could enhance the recognition of macrotraces on the surface topography of pottery based upon high resolution 3D surface scanning, to assist in the identification of the forming techniques and to enable detailed analysis of larger quantities of pottery, moving from individual sherds to assemblages. It aims to integrate 3D recording and analytical methods within pottery analysis, moving beyond the current 3D documentation practices, and illustrate how an active role of 3D technology as research tool may significantly improve the quality and quantity of information at our disposal to address potting methods.

After the lecture, there will be drinks.

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