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Memory and Protest Cultures in Postcolonial and Post-Socialist Contexts

  • Dr. Mischa Gabowitsch
Monday 22 January 2018
University Library UvA
Singel 425
Belle van Zuylenzaal


In recent years, ‘protest’ has become one of the keywords in describing and fashioning forms of resistance that addresses the nexus of social, political and economic injustice locally and globally – from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, from Gezi Park to Euromaidan, anti-corruption protests in Russia to #FeesMustFall in South Africa. In all these events and movements, re-actualisations of the past and contestations of present-day memory politics have played a prominent role. As this feature deserves more attention, particularly in a comparative frame, this meeting of the Platform for Postcolonial Readings seeks to address the mentioned processes at the interfaces of postcolonial and post-socialist studies and at the interstices of (former) ‘East’ and ‘West’.

Keynote by dr. Mischa Gabowitsch

The meeting starts with a keynote lecture by Dr. Mischa Gabowitsch, whose expertise spans studies of protest and memory studies, scholarship in post-socialism and globalization, as well as approaches in the humanities and social sciences. He is the author and editor of numerous publications on the commemoration of war and mass murder in post-socialist countries and worldwide. His most recent book on the topic is the edited volume Replicating Atonement: Foreign Models in the Commemoration of Atrocities, forthcoming in the Palgrave Memory Studies series in December. He has also written on protest and social movements, and is the author of Protest in Putin’s Russia (2016), which proposes innovative reflections on the practice of studying contemporary protest in post-Soviet contexts and globally.

Present your research

The keynote lecture will be followed by a discussion of his ideas and by a shared close reading and discussion of selected scholarly texts on the topic. In the afternoon we will continue our exploration of the politics of memory in various forms of protest by means of contributions on the meeting’s topic by scholars working in this field and by means of a joint on-the-spot analysis of a striking case-study. (Junior) Scholars interested in presenting their research on (aspects) of memory and protest cultures, please contact Liesbeth Minnaard (e.minnaard@hum.leidenuniv.nl) or Ksenia Robbe (k.robbe@hum.leidenuniv.nl) before 8 January 2018. A reader will be distributed in preparation of the seminar and on the day itself foods and drinks will be provided.

The meeting is open to all researchers but is specifically aimed at Research Master and PhD students working in the field of postcolonial and globalization studies. Participation is free of charge, but please register with Eloe Kingma of NICA/OSL (nica-fgw@uva.nl). Active participation by Research Master students may be credited with 1 or 3 EC (without/with presentation). For more information, contact Eloe Kingma (nica-fgw@uva.nl) or Ksenia Robbe (k.robbe@hum.leidenuniv.nl).

About the Platform for Postcolonial Readings

The Platform for Postcolonial Readings organizes seminars for all (junior) researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium who are committed to issues of postcoloniality and globalization.

Organizers: Elisabeth Bekers (VUB), Sarah De Mul (OU), Isabel Hoving (UL), Liesbeth Minnaard (UL); Guest organizer: Ksenia Robbe (UL)

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