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Beat the Professor Pubquiz

26 January 2018
Science Campus
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden

Time to find out if you can outsmart your professor! Join the Faculty of Science in our ’Beat the Professor’ Pub Quiz in the late afternoon of 26 January. We welcome you to join us for this new edition of the pub quiz with a team of 5 members.

Whilst enjoying some drinks, you compete against students, staff and alumni in several rounds of trivia. Questions are not limited to the subject of (natural) science(s), but can be about anything such as music questions.

Besides earning eternal fame as the smartest team of the Faculty of Science, the best team will also win a grand price!

We are looking forward seeing you in January!

No. Team
1 Team Dino en Lizah
2 Deadly Moons
3 MacBio1
3 Spot on!
5 The Wolfpack
6 Team zonder Falkes
7 NanoLions
7 Poisonous PhDs and Post-docs United
7 The communicatorrrrrrrs
10 Fjdor en de Ridders
10 Team Abergeam
12 Los Lobos Salvados
13 BuLaCo
14 Floricio and the machines
16 Abactiaal Hoogh!
17 Team Dorpssloot
17 Team Lisa
19 Unicorns on LSD
20 Home is where the science is
20 Praeses Dream Team- Robbert en z'n chickies
22 Erythroxylum
22 Owijs Onderwijs
24 A Group of Strangers
24 Home Board
24 Team ZeeZout
27 Fiiiish Crew
28 2 Prime 5U
28 Centerios
30 Extreme binnenharkers
30 Toxmeisters
32 Los Perros Domesticos
33 Facility Tigers
34 Moneyspenders
35 Tosti
36 Trigonaalbipiramidaal
37 Supercalifragilisticexpialigotous
38 Single Cells en Steven
39 Thom en Walter


For this edition we are not taking care of the dinner, please make sure your team members already have eaten before start of the Pubquiz.

We arranged for a food truck from Henk Patat at main entrance (Huygens) between 16.00 and 18.00.