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GLASS Public Lecture | Chin in the Popular Imagination: Images of China in North India at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

  • Anand Yang
Friday 8 December 2017
Global Asia Scholar Series (GLASS)
International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
Rapenburg 59
2311 Leiden
conference room

On Friday, December 08, Leiden Global Interactions, Asian Modernities and Traditions and the International Institute for Asian Studies will host a GLASS public lecture with Professor Anand Yang.

What did people in colonial north India make of China at the turn of the twentieth century? What were their responses to the Boxer Uprising and the ensuing clash between China and the foreign powers that the British in India and at home characterized as a war to safeguard a morally superior and modern Western civilization from the throes of barbarism and superstition?  What were their reactions to the occupation of China by foreign powers that threatened to result in that country‚Äôs colonization and division by the Western nations?  This lecture will highlight the overwhelmingly favorable and sympathetic impressions that China left on the minds of many Indians at the turn of the twentieth century and explore the sources and reasons underlying such responses. 

Professor Anand Yang

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