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The Emergence of Greek Sacred Travel: Archaic Sanctuaries and Material Agency

  • Troels Myrup Kristensen (Aarhus)
Friday 10 November 2017
Material Agency Forum
National Museum of Antiquities
Rapenburg 28
2311 EW Leiden

This paper discusses how material culture provides a largely untapped resource for the study of ancient Mediterranean pilgrimage, with particular attention to the case of archaic Greece. While there has been much recent scholarship on theoria and other textual evidence for sacred travel in the Greek world, much work remains to be done to integrate the archaeology into the long-term history of pilgrimage. This paper thus focuses on the perspective of material culture by building on recent work on both material agency and the so-called ‘mobilities turn’ in order to develop a new agenda for the study of Greek sanctuaries. Starting from the case of the ongoing excavations at the sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko in the Cyclades, the paper offers a reappraisal of the formation of Greek sanctuaries through the lens of mobility.

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