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TechTalk Cancer Diagnostics & Therapy

  • Thomas Hankemeier
  • Dr. Willemijn Vader (VitroScan)
  • Dr. Wilma Mesker (LUMC)
  • Dr. Tom van Wezel (LUMC)
  • Dr. Peter de Haan (Amarna Therapeutics)
  • Prof.dr. Hans Gelderblom (LUMC)
Thursday 16 November 2017
De Stal
Darwinweg 1
2333 CR Leiden
De Stal

For researchers in Leiden, there is a long tradition of partnering with local Leiden or Dutch companies. These are celebrated across a broad spectrum of relationships, from informal connections, shared studentships and bilateral R&D collaborations to extensive consortia arrangements with complex public/private funding.

Luris would like to continue to provide support to expand these relationships and is looking forward to exploring how such connections can be created or strengthened. One such initiative is the TechTalk programme.

Program TechTalk Cancer Diagnostics & Therapy


Drug sensitivity in cancer cell lines            Dr. Willemijn Vader (Managing Director,VitroScan)                           

Personalized therapeutics for cancer

Prof.dr. Thomas Hankemeier (Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research)

Early detection of cancer using protein profiling

Dr. Wilma Mesker (Surgery, Oncology, LUMC)

Genomics/BGS in the diagnosis of cancer

Dr. Tom van Wezel (Pathology, LUMC)

SVac: a new viral gene delivery platform for innovative immunotherapies                               

Dr. Peter de Haan (Amarna Therapeutics)

Experimental pharmacotherapeutic possibilities

Prof.dr. Hans Gelderblom (Dept. Head Medical Oncology, LUMC)

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