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Screening the Stans: Film and Fiction in Central Asia

Monday 13 November 2017 - Monday 11 December 2017
19-21 hrs
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Film screening series organized by the Central Asia Initiative at Leiden University. All welcome!

13 November: Kurmanjan Datka (2014), Kyrgyzstan

The epic story of the strong-willed, courageous and independent woman before her time, Kurmanjan, who is revered to this day for her diplomacy for saving her nation from complete destruction when the Russians invaded.





20 November: Holy Cow (2015), Azerbaijan

One man's dream of bringing a European cow in his picturesque village in Azerbaijan unsettles the conservative community that wants to keep their secular traditions intact.


27 November: To Get to Heaven, First You Have to Die (2006), Tajikistan

Kamal, 20 years old, can't have sexual intercourse with women although he is married. He goes to the big city and notices beautiful Vera, whom he follows round town. Will his partnership with her husband, a mafia thug, help him become a man?





4 December: Flowers of Freedom (2014), Kyrgyzstan

When Erkingul and her friends meet for tea they talk about toxic cyanide, about bride kidnapping and where to buy the fattest sheep. The women of KAREK are mothers and wives but first and foremost they are activists, who challenge not only the nearby goldmine but also the Kirghiz government. When a revolution topples the regime in Kyrgyzstan they are at the forefront of the protests. Erkingul, the 'boss'of the group, makes a leap into the Kirghiz parliament and now, as a politician continues her struggle against the mine. Set in a post-Soviet and increasingly fundamentalist country, the film allows an intimate glimpse into a microcosm of outstanding women. A film about courage, female companionship and life after a revolution.

11 December: The Owners (2014), Kazakhstan

Two Kazakh brothers are about to lose their ancestral tumbledown house to corruption and nepotism while their little sister loses her capacity to breathe and their mother loses her mind. 

Source: http://www.imdb.com 


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