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Rethinking the Dutch East India Company?

Thursday 23 November 2017 - Friday 24 November 2017
National Archives
Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 20
2595 BE The Hague

The National Archives of the Netherlands and the Institute for History of Leiden University invite you to join them at the panoramic symposium ‘Rethinking the VOC?’ to discuss a variety of themes from new historiographical perspectives.

The unique archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) continue to inspire historical research and academic programmes. The symposium brings together leading experts from across the world to share their insights in the potentialities of the VOC archives. What is the current state of research based on the VOC archives? How can historical research be enriched by including cross-cultural and non-western perspectives? What does this mean for our perception of the VOC as a cosmopolitan trading company and imperial power? To what extent can or should the colonial archives of the VOC be decolonized and what are the implications for researchers and their audiences?

The National Archives has completed the digitization of its VOC collection and is therefore showcasing the archives of the Dutch East India Company in 2017. During the symposium, you are also welcome to visit the exhibition Discover the world of the VOC in the National Archives.


November 23rd

Lectures and Discussion

-VOC Archives and Asian History
-Dutch-Asian Encounters
-Information Transfer and Economics
-Information from the Margins

Nadeera Rupesinghe | Frederik Cryns | Cynthia Viallé | Henk Niemeijer | Lennart Bes | Sri Margana | Tristan Mostert | Gerrit Knaap | Xu Guanmian| Pim de Zwart | Stefan Grab | Mark Williams | Cheng Weichung

November 24th

Round table discussion

The decolonisation of historical research and archival management

Michael Karabinos | Charles Jeurgens | Wayne Modest | Sadiah Boonstra | Remco Raben | Wim Manuhutu | Nancy Jouwe

Lectures and Discussion

New Trends in Research
Slavery and Exile
Behind the Company Façade

Matthias van Rossum | Wayne Dooling | Kate Ekama | Alicia Schrikker | Ghulam Nadri | Manjusha Kuruppath | Sadiah Boonstra| Djoeke van Netten | Remco Raben

For the full programme and registration, visit www.gahetna.nl/rethinkingvoc

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