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Portable Light Dome Demonstration

  • Lieve Watteeuw
  • Hendrik Hammeeuw
Friday 24 November 2017
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

​​​​​​​Imaging with the Portable Light Dome for the study of small, inscribed and illuminated artefacts

The Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities, in collaboration with the University Library, is pleased to host Lieve Watteeuw and Hendrik Hameeuw (KU Leuven) who will be demonstrating the Portable Light Dome (PLD) on an object from the UB's special collection. 

The PLD is an automated interactive digitizing solution, developed by the KU Leuven. It consists of a small, light-weight dome equipped with various light sources and a high end digital camera. The approach is geared towards an easy-to-use solution for the virtual inspection of objects, where both the 2D aspects (color, reflectance, intensity, or other representations through filtering and relighting) as well as the 3D aspects (by estimating the surface orientations and characteristics) are being imaged and calculated. The results allow for photorealistic virtual re-lighting and non-photorealistic rendering of the objects in real-time through the use of programmable graphics hardware. The lecture will showcase the use of the PLD system for the documentation of small, inscribed and illuminated artefacts, such as seals, bookbindings, illuminations, archeology artefacts, cuneiform tablets and even mummy masks. The selected examples will demonstrate how the interactive datasets produced with the PLD can support various types of research questions, facilitate technical art-historical challenges and provide solution for curatorial documentation and safeguarding.  To get a glimpse of the PLD in action click here


13:00  Doors Open

13:00  Start demonstration and lecture

14:15  Questions from the audience and panel response

15:00  Coffee, tea and snacks

Please register if you are staying for coffee and tea.

Lieve Watteeuw, Faculty of Arts & FTRW, Illuminare, Center for the Study of Medieval Arts, Book Heritage Lab - KU Leuven (lieve.watteeuw@kuleuven.be)

Lieve Watteeuw has a PhD in Art History at KU Leuven and is since 1989 conservator-restorator of books, manuscripts, drawings and library materials. Her academic activity is concentrated on medieval manuscript illumination, book production, art-technical research, and conservation/preservation strategies for heritage libraries. Lieve Watteeuw is lecturing Technology and Laboratory Methods, Medieval Manuscripts & Codicology. With the Imaging Lab of KU Leuven and ESAT she is developing the RICH Project ( Reflecting Imaging for Cultural Heritage) since 2013. Lieve Watteeuw is head of the Book Heritage Lab – KU Leuven.

Hendrik Hameeuw, Imaging Lab – KU Leuven & Faculty of Arts (hendrik.hameeuw@kuleuven.be)

Hendrik Hameeuw graduated as an Assyriologist (cuneiform studies) and an Eastern Mediterranean Archaeologist at the KU Leuven. He participated as an archaeologist and imaging specialist in numerous excavation seasons and missions in Syria, Egypt & Turkey and he worked as a philologist/epigraphist for multiple research projects. Hendrik is specialized in interactive technical and scientific imaging systems and applications, especially Photometric stereo and SfM Photogrammetry technologies. Currently, Hendrik works at the Imaging Lab of the University Library KU Leuven and he is affiliated with the Research Unit Ancient History of the KU Leuven Faculty of Arts.

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