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LCN2 Seminar: Multiobjective Analysis of Complex Networks

Friday 24 November 2017
Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Science club

Speaker: Michael Emmerich
Title: Multiobjective Analysis of Complex Networks and its Applications in Multiple-Node Immunization

Often, in the context of networks, questions involve multiple objectives. The multiple-node-immunization-problem is concerned with quarantine an optimal subset of nodes to stop the spread of a virus. Here it is essential to minimize the cost and to maximize the effect. The Netshield and Netshield Plus methdos are state of the art methods to target multiple node immunizations for a fixed number of nodes, which is an NP-hard problem. Recently, researchers of the multiobjective optimization group at LIACS found improvements to the Netshield algorithm and also reformulated the problem for the first time as a multiobjective problem and derived a software for finding a Pareto front. The approach was tested on various data sets including
geographical networks (USA airline network, Pandemic worldwide network). The analysis is promising also concerning multiple related questions, such as multi-objective node centrality and the study of critical phenomena in complexity theory.


About the LCN2 seminar: This talk is part of a series of seminars organized within an ongoing scientific initiative called "Leiden Complex Networks Network (LCN2), which aims at bringing together scientists with a common interest in both theoretical models and empirical analyses of complex networks and random graphs. The LCN2 community that is being established shares the approach of using networks for describing real-world complex systems and aims at developing related analytical and numerical methods, while also being open to other research approaches for studying complex systems. The talks are designed for a broad audience, allowing for constructive exchanges of ideas between scientists from different disciplines. After the talk, some drinks and simple snacks are provided.

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