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Institute Colloquium On the Philosophy of Smell

  • Chantal Jaquet (Sorbonne 1)
Thursday 30 November 2017
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

The Leiden Institute for Philosophy is pleased to announce an Institute Colloquium with Professor Chantal Jaquet (Sorbonne 1)


On the Philosophy of Smell

Is an Olfactive Aesthetics Possible?


Despite the increasing popularity of perfume and numerous attempts, the creation of perfume does not rank among the fine arts and is restricted to ornament. Consequently, the question arises as to whether perfume can give genuine aesthetic pleasure or whether it is reducible to its sanitary and seductive functions alone. Can we talk about the composition of perfumes in terms of artistic creation and olfactive beauty? To answer this question one must first analyse the theoretical obstacles that prevent the art of perfume from being considered as artistic creation and to see whether they can be overcome. The next step is to examine the contemporary artistic practices that mobilize the sense of smell, such as installation art, in order to determine whether or not we can speak of an art of the nose. 

All staff and students are welcome.

More information:  Professor Jaquet

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