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History: Research Master Symposium

Friday 17 November 2017
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden

We cordially invite you to join the first Research Master Symposium of 2017-2018. 
The symposium is intended as a biannual opportunity for Research MA students to introduce their topics and discuss their research with colleagues and faculty members.

All faculty members, PhD candidates, and Res. MA students are invited to attend.

The proceedings will be held in English. Coffee, tea, and drinks will be provided.


13:15 – Welcome remarks by Felicia Roșu

13:20 – Keynote speech by Lionel Laborie: “Traveling Through the Archives in the Shadows of the Enlightenment”

13:40 – Q&A 

14:00 – Roosje Peeters: “‘Tot veel tijden cranck van hoiffde ende van synnen’ – The legal status of people with a mental illness in the 15th century Low Countries in a comparative context” (supervisor: Claire Weeda)

14:20 – Comments by Monika Baár

14:30 – Discussion


15:15 – Jip Barreveld: “Two Worlds? State Space and Marginal Peoples in Late Antique Roman North Africa” (supervisor: Rens Tacoma)

15:35 – Comments by Frits Naerebout

15:45 – Discussion

16:00 – Claudia Fris: “A hidden message? The meanings of Jan van Boendale’s and Dirc Potter’s Melibeus (14th and 15th centuries) and their reasons for writing these works” (supervisor: Robert Stein)

16:20 – Comments by Claire Weeda

16:30 – Discussion

16:45 – Wrap-up

17:00 – Drinks in the coffee room (Huizinga)

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