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Late Antique Religion in Practice: Papyri and the Dynamics of Religious Identification

Thursday 9 November 2017 - Saturday 11 November 2017
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

The Leiden Papyrology+ Group organizes a yearly international conference in Leiden under the general heading of 'Papyri in a Changing World'. 

This year's conference, to be held on 9-11 November 2017, is organized in cooperation with the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion. It is entitled ‘Late Antique Religion in Practice: Papyri and the Dynamics of Religious Identification’. See the program below. Abstracts and the link to the registration form can be found lower on this page.


Organized by the Leiden Papyrology + Group and Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion

Thursday Nov. 9

Session 1. (Chair: Cisca Hoogendijk)

15.15-16.00   Coffee and Tea

16.00-16.15   Opening: Cisca Hoogendijk (Leiden)

16.15-16.45   Mattias Brand (Leiden) - Papyri and the Dynamics of Religious Identification: Introductory remarks

16.45-17.30   Annemarie Luijendijk (Princeton) - The Dynamics of Religious Identification in the so-called Little Peace at Oxyrhynchus

Friday Nov. 10

Session 2. (Chair: Judith Frishman)

9.30-10.15   Arietta Papaconstantinou (Reading) - Lifting the cloak of invisibility: tracking down the Jews of late antique Egypt

10.15-11.00   Susanna de Vries (Utrecht) - Expressing Jewish identity through the use of the Hebrew and Aramaic language

11.00-11.30   Coffee and Tea

Session 3. (Chair Markus Davidsen)

11.30-12.15   Benjamin Sippel (Erfurt) - Choosing my Religion: Situational Religious Self-Identification of Egyptian Priests in Late Antiquity

12.15-13.00   Sabine Huebner (Basel) - Χρηστιανὸς ἔστ(ιν): Self-identification and Formal Categorization of the First Christians in Egypt

13.00-14.00   Lunch

Session 4. (Chair: Jessica van 't Westeinde)

14.00-14.45   Eline Scheerlinck (Leiden) - “Like oil in their bones”. Threats, Excommunication and Religious Identification beyond Late Antiquity

14.45-15.30   David Frankfurter (Boston) - Christianization and the issue of identity

15.30-15.45   Coffee and Tea

Session 5. (Chair: Nathal Dessing)

15.45-16.30   Jennifer Cromwell (Copenhagen) - Religious Identity and Relationships between Rulers and Ruled in the Coptic Papyri of Early Islamic Egypt

16.30-17.15  Petra Sijpesteijn (Leiden) - Blessings for the Prophet and his family

17.15-17.30  John Kloppenburg (Toronto) - Brief reflections

Saturday Nov. 11

Session 6. (Chair: Jacques van der Vliet)

10.15   Coffee and Tea

10.45-11.30   Paula Tutty (Oslo) - From the sacred to the profane: evidence for multiple social identities in the letters of the Nag Hammadi Codices

11.30-12.15   Ewa Wipszyska & Premislaw Piwowarczyk (Warsaw) - Social function of Biblical quotations in the letters of Frange

12.41-14.00   Lunch

Session 7. (Chair: Ab de Jong)

14.00-14.45   Joseph Sanzo (München) - Marginalized Orthodoxy: Anti-Jewish Invective and 'Pure Christianity' on Amulets from Late Antiquity

14.45-15.30   Agnes Mihálykó (Oslo) - Markers of Religious Identity in Ritual Texts on Papyri (3-5th century): Between Fluidity and Regulation

15.30-15.45   Concluding remarks

15.45   Drinks 

Organisation committee:
Mattias Brand, MA
Dr. Eline Scheerlinck
Dr. Cisca Hoogendijk

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