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This Week’s Discoveries | 17 October 2017

Tuesday 17 October 2017
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

First lecture

"Forming stellar siblings: a look at the chemistry and physics of multiple stars"

Nadia is a PhD student in the group of Ewine van Dishoeck. She will defend her Thesis entitled: “Multiple Star Formation: Chemistry, physics and coevality” on November 1.

Multiple stars are commonly found throughout our galaxy. They are excellent stellar physics laboratories and the cause of many interesting phenomena: certain types of supernovae, planetary nebulae and binary black hole mergers. Observations find multiplicity at all stages of stellar evolution. An elevated frequency of multiplicity is found at the early stages of star formation, which shows that most stars are formed in multiple systems. In this talk we look at some of the open questions regarding formation and structure of multiple stars, namely the formation of rotationally supported disks, chemical structure of early stage star formation, and the factors that influence star formation. Multi-wavelength observations are coupled with chemical and physical models, to address these questions. We demonstrate that stellar multiplicity is common and needs to be taken into account in our

Second lecture

Quantifying the unfolded protein stress response and its role in chemical-induced cell injury through imaging and computational modeling.

Joost became an assistant professor in the Division of Toxiciology at the LACDR in 2014. His general research interest is to apply computational models and quantitative analysis to dynamic imaging data. Furthermore, he works with cellular barcoding data, which also provides information on the behavior of single cells. He was awarded a VIDI grant in 2013 for “Computational modeling of tumor growth and metastasis and the role of the immune system in tumor destruction”.


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