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Local communities & indigenous peoples

  • Inclusive research in practice
Saturday 28 October 2017
Building H
Avenue Paul Heger 10
1000 Brussels

This colloquium, taking place on Saturday 28th of October, raises questions concerning the way in which local communities and indigenous peoples are included in academic disciplines.

This event aims to compare perspectives from different fields (to include archaeology, environmental studies, biology, political and social sciences) and focuses on two distinct geographical regions: Africa and the Americas.

Academia tends to retain a somewhat postcolonial attitude at times, which lead scholars to exclude local and indigenous communities from their investigations, even if they are themselves the subject of the research in question, or are permitting it to be carried out.

This one-day event permits the sharing of case-studies of inclusive research throughout Africa and the Americas. It highlights the fact that we are facing many of the same problems, so the sharing of data and experience will assist in the development of new solutions and ideas for further collaborative work.

It will also allow students to actively participate in workshops in order to develop more inclusive research in their respective disciplines.

Local communities & indigenous peoples : inclusive research in practice

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