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Farewell Symposium Jos van den Broek

Friday 27 October 2017
Hooglandse kerk
Nieuwstraat 20
2312 KC Leiden

 Friday October 27, 2017 the Farewell Symposium and Farewell Lecture of Jos van den Broek will take place in the Hooglandse kerk, Leiden.

All speakers at the symposium entitled Systems Thinking: Breaching the Boundaries are transdisciplinary workers and thinkers who inspired Jos during his career as a science communicator, teacher and researcher.

After the Farewell Symposium Jos van den Broek – who calls himself a life-long learner – will give his Farewell Speech, entitled: System: “Life-Long Transformative Learning, about the need for transdisciplinarity in education.

Please register here for the Farewell Symposium and/or Farewell Lecture before October 1st and pleased note that your registration is personal.

The reception will be in the Hooglandse kerk, right after the Farewell Speech.


9:30-10.00           Coffee

10:00-10.05         Introduction by Chair: Ionica Smeets

Element: Texium (Tx) = the Element of the Future
Musical interlude: The Elements (Yellow Submarine)              

10:10-10:40         George Miley (astronomer, founder of UNAWE, ULeiden).

 My System: Universe Awareness (about sharing the awe of space for the unpriviliged)
Element: Hydrogen (H) = the Element of Energy
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)

10:50-11:20         Simon Conway Morris (biologist and author, University of Cambridge).

My System: Unavoidable Life (about System Universe: from Big Bang to Big Brains)
Element: Carbon (C) = the Element of Life
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)

11:30-12:00         Coffee break

12:00-12:30         Peter Westbroek (biogeochemist and author,Universiteit Leiden/Collège de France).

My System: Vulnerable World (about System Earth)
Element: Calcium (Ca) = the Element of Mother Earth
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)

12:40-13:10         Douwe Breimer (pharmacologist, Universiteit Leiden).

My System: Blood, Sweat and Tears (about systems biology and health)
Element: Iron (Fe) = the Element of Biotransformations
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)

13:20-13:55         Lunch break

13:55-14:25         Ronella Grootens-Wiegers (health communication scientist, LUMC).

My System: My Twisted Brain (about transdisciplinarity in health communication)
Element: Rg (Röntgenium) = the Element of Health
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)

14:35-15:05         Tomas Björkman (physicist, entrepreneur, investment banker and author, Ekskäret Stiftelsen, Stockholm/London).

My System: Market Myths (about systems thinking and economy)
Element: Gold (Au) = the Element of Prosperity
Q&A + Musical interlude (Yellow Submarine)


15:15-15:45         Lene Andersen (futurist and author, NextSkandinavia, Kopenhagen/Stuttgart).

My System: Teaching Values (about systems thinking, philosophy, history and Bildung)
Element: Chlorine (Cl) = The element of Atrocity

15:50-16:15         Tea break

Musical interlude: Sweelinck (Erik van Bruggen, Van Hagerbeer Organ)

16:15-17:00         Afscheidscollege/Farewell lecture Jos van den Broek (life-long learner, Universiteit Leiden/LUMC). 

My System: Life-Long Transformative Learning (about the need for transdisciplinarity in education) (in Dutch)
Element: Silicon (Si) = the Element of Creativity

Musical interlude: Sweelinck improvisation (Erik van Bruggen, Van Hagerbeer Organ)

17:00-18:00         Reception + drinks

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