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What Globalisation can do for Archaeology: the case of the Mediterranean Iron Age

  • dr. Tamar Hodos
Thursday 7 September 2017
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Cetral Hall

The Mediterranean’s Iron Age – roughly 1200-600 BCE – may be regarded as one of its most dynamic periods of history. 

It is best characterized by the movement of Greeks and Phoenicians from their homeland to areas far away on an unprecedented scale. The long-term impact of this extensive interaction was the creation of what may be regarded as the Mediterranean’s first globally connected period.

A globalized era is not the narrative scholarship has always presented, however.  This talk tracks interpretations of the Mediterranean Iron Age from its colonialist origins through post-colonial perspectives to explore how contemporary globalization theories are transforming our understandings of this culturally complex and socially vibrant era. 

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