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Mastabas and their decoration

Saturday 16 September 2017
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Symposium in honour of Dr. René van Walsem

on the occasion of his retirement as Lecturer in Egyptology

All former and current students and colleagues of Dr. René van Walsem are invited to attend.

RSVP: please confirm at n.van.de.beek@hum.leidenuniv.nl

René van Walsem teaching his students about the mastaba chapel of Hetepherakhty


9.30‐10.15 coffee and tea
10.15‐10.30 welcome and introduction by Prof.dr. Olaf Kaper
10.30‐11.15 first keynote lecture: Prof.dr. Karol Myśliwiec (Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University, Institute of Ancient Egyptian Archeology), Unusual features of the decoration in some late Old Kingdom tombs at Saqqara
11.15‐11.30 personal address
11.30‐12.00 Nicky van de Beek MA, Resurrecting Hetepherakhty
12.00‐13.30 lunchtime break
13.30‐14.15 second keynote lecture: Dr. Martin Fitzenreiter (Münster), A working class hero is something to be... Or: Ti enjoying the pleasures of iconology
14.15‐14.30 personal address
14.30‐15.00 Dr. Ingrid Blom‐Böer, Ein Relief aus dem Alten Reich mit landwirtschaftlichen Szenen in Bonn
15.00‐15.10 personal address
15.10‐15.30 tea break
15.30‐15.45 personal address
15.45‐16.15 Dr. Leo Roeten, The mastaba and its decoration, a life absorbing thing of beauty
16.15‐16.45 Eva Cornelisse MA, Some reflections on mastabas and their decoration
16.45‐17.00 personal address
after 17.00 reception
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