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Leiden Asia Year Graduate Conference: De-bordering Asia

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Small Auditorium

The conference celebrates 2017, Leiden Asia Year, by bringing together Master’s and PhD students from across Leiden’s many disciplinary boundaries to spend a day looking at, around, over and through Asia’s borders. With its sights set firmly on the shifting tangible and intangible borders of ancient and modern Asia, the conference invites submissions from researchers studying the myriad flows of people, capital, commodities, cultures, ideas, power, and technologies that have defined Asia in the past and that make the continent so dynamic today.

The conference will take place on 13 September 2017 in the Small Auditorium, Leiden University Academy Building (Rapenburg 73, Leiden), from 09:00-17:30. There is no registration fee. Food and drinks will be provided.

Attendance is free. If you wish to be present at this conference, please register online before 11 September. Personal entrance cards will not be issued on this occasion.

Food and drinks will be provided.


09.15–09.45    Introduction by Peter Frankopan (University of Oxford), author of The Silk Roads: A New History of the World and visiting Scaliger Professor at Leiden University.

09.45–10.00    Coffee Break

10.00–12.00    Panel 1. State and Society: Local Contestation in the Countries of Asia
                             Moderator: Chris Green

10.00–10.30    Marte Boonen (Asian Studies, Humanities, ResMA): Borders Within Borders: The Japanese Government’s Response to North Korean Education in Japan.

10.30–11.00    Francesca Ghiretti (International Relations and Diplomacy,
Institute for Security and Global Affairs (Faculty Governance and Global Affairs), Institute of Political Science (Faculty of Social Sciences, MSc): Forms of Resistance on the Chinese Web.

11.00–11.30    Benedetta Mantoan (Politics, Society and Economy of Asia Department of Asian Studies, MA): Efficacy of Community-based Management System to Preserve the Access of Small-scale Fishermen to Coastal Marine Area.

11.30–12.00    Nelly Samosir (Institute of Public Administration, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs): Public Sector Reform and Corruption in Indonesia (1998 – present): A working Paper.

12.00–13.00    Lunch

13.00–15.00    Panel 2. Changing Identities: The Shifting Discourses of Asian Life
                             Moderator: Arianne Sacco

13.00–13.30    Guan Zexu (Film and Literary Studies, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society): Fluid Aesthetics: Transnational Communication of Beauty in China’s Social Media.

13.30–14.00    Aafke van Ewijk (LIAS): The Modern Identities of Pre-modern Heroes in Japanese Children’s Literature.

14.00–14.30    Amit Sampat (Theology and Religious Studies, MA): The Message of Modern India: The Spiritual Thought of Vaswani at The Welt Congress of Religious Liberals (Berlin, 1910).

14.30–15.00    Victor Xu Guanmian (Leiden Institute for History, MA): Are China Seas Part of the Indian Ocean? The Social Life of Terms in the Fragmented Studies of the Maritime History of Early Modern Asia.

15.00–15.30    Coffee Break

15.30–17.30    Panel 3. Changing Perceptions: Progression and Regression in Modern Asia
                            Moderator: Joshua Chan

15.30–16.00    Aurelie Van ‘t Slot (Asian Studies, Res.MA): Murakami Haruki’s Gross Transnational Cool: The Commodification of a Celebrity Author.

16.00–16.30    Maaike Evelien de Vries (LIAS Korean Studies): Cocaine and Colonial Korea (1910-1945).

16.30–17.00    Yujing Tan (LIAS): “Open the City Through De-bordering It/IT”: the Production of Contemporary Innovation City in China.

17.00–17.30    Pieter Velghe (Chinese Studies, MA): The Future of Authoritarian Resilience? Technology Policy in China and the IoT.

17.30–18.30    Drinks

Leiden Asia Year

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