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Europe Lecture: United in Diversity?

  • Caroline de Gruyter
  • Paul Scheffer
Friday 15 September 2017
Sociƫteit De Witte
Plein 24
2511 CS Den Haag

The motto of the European Union is 'United in Diversity', but some Europeans feel anything but united. Take for instance the Brexit vote; millions of Britons used the referendum to voice their discontent with the EU. And while Europe is a prosperous continent, right-radical and populist parties manage to gain many votes. In the Netherlands, but also in EU member states such as France and Germany.

Do the EU and its member states fail to create a harmonious society for all its citizens? Is diversity perhaps not such a binding factor?

European integration is now far-reaching, but does a European identity even exist? Or does such an identity clash with national sentiments? How do the EU and its member states create brotherhood, despite different ideas about norms and values?

Caroline de Guyter,  specialist on European affairs and correspondent at the Dutch newspaper NRC, and professor European Studies Paul Scheffer present their visions on this subject during the Europe Lecture, organised in cooperation with the Montesquieu-Prinsjeslezing. The lecture will be moderated by Caspar van den Berg, associated with the University of Leiden.



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Opening lecture

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Lecture Paul Scheffer

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Lecture Caroline de Gruyter

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Q&A session

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