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The 'Sinosphere' as an Antidote to Modernity

  • Mark Ravina (Emory University)
Thursday 8 June 2017
Leiden Lecture Series in Japanese Studies
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden


Professor Ravina will speak in response to the lecture of Joshua Fogel, entitled "Does ‘Sinosphere’ Work as a Unifying Concept for East Asian Studies?".

About the speaker

Professor Ravina is specialized in Japanese history, with a particular interest in eighteenth and nineteenth-century politics. His broader methodological interest lies in the transnational and international dimension of state-building. He has developed an interest in applying digital humanities methods to nineteenth-century Japanese political discourse. His latest book is forthcoming from Oxford University Press: To Stand with the Nations of the World: Japan’s Meiji Restoration in World History. In 2004 Professor Ravina published a biography of Saigō Takamori entitled The Last Samurai (John Wiley & Sons). Saigō was the inspiration for the character Katsumoto in the Tom Cruise film, also entitled The Last Samurai. While he had begun working on the book without any knowledge of the movie, the Warner Brothers film sparked a surge in general interest on Saigō. Consequently, Professor Ravina appeared as a "guest expert" on CNN and on two History Channel programs: "History vs. Hollywood" and "The Samurai." The Last Samurai has been translated into Chinese, Russian, and Polish. His first book was Land and Lordship in Early Modern Japan (Stanford, 1999), also published in Japanese translation as Meikun no satetsu (NTT shuppan 2004).

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