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Film and Discussion

Framing Asia 4: Cityscapes: Home and Urbanisation

Tuesday 9 May 2017
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden


Home on Display (18 min)
Nina Gschloessl & Laura Engelhardt

Home on Display is an experimental documentary that examines the construction of homes for China’s new rich. It focuses on the desire and search for an ‘ideal’ home and the growing commercialisation of this process. As this takes place, (bad) dreams and reality start to blur.   

An Empty Home (17 min)
Willy Sier & Sanderien Verstappen

In contemporary China, cities are growing fast. For people from rural areas, buying a house in the city has become an important symbol of success. Yet, the houses they are able to afford are often located in city outskirts with few labour opportunities. Therefore many are unable to stay long-term and instead furnish and store it for the future. This film is about such a house. It is empty most of the year, but the owners still consider it their home.

The Vanishing Village (24 min)
John Kleinen

This documentary is shot around the village of La Tinh that currently lies on the outskirts of greater Hanoi. Because of the rapid urbanisation it is probably a matter of time before the city will take over the village. Local villagers and embedded researchers tell what happened in the area when the encroachment of the city of Hanoi changed the rural life of many. How did they react? What did they feel? And what do they see as their future?


Willy Sier, Sanderien Verstappen and John Kleinen will join our discussion with Freek Colombijn. Freek Colombijn works as an associate professor at the VU Amsterdam. His current research is the nexus between urban social inequality, environmental awareness, consumptive behaviour and urbanism in Indonesia.

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