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Gatekeepers and Rolemodels: How to get more Women and Girls to Run for Office

  • Dr. Christine Cheng
21 April 2017
LUC Campus Anna van Buerenplein
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595DG The Hague
Room 3.01

Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, and Theresa May. Some of the world’s most famous politicians are women. Yet the proportion of women in politics remains astonishingly low in most countries around the world. In the UK, only 29% of MPs are female. Even in the Netherlands, one of the most progressive and gender equal countries in the world, only 38% of members of the Second Chamber are female. Why are there so few women politicians? How do we encourage more women and girls to run for office? I argue that the key to change lies in understanding the impact of role models and gatekeepers, and that all of us can play a role in an equal politics revolution.

Limited availability, so please register online.

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