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'Archaeological context is overrated'

  • Dr. Henry Jones (Marshall College)
1 April 2017
Van Steenis Building
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
To be announced
Dr. Jones working on a test excavation.

It is a sensitive topic in Archaeology: the use of dynamite. Dr. Jones is one of the few professional archaeologists in the academic world who actively promotes the use of the explosive material.

'There are many applications of dynamite in the field', he has stated in the past, 'For one thing, old fashioned digging takes far too long when you are on a tight schedule, for example, when you are being chased by nazis.'

While this seems to make perfect sense, many archaeologists disagree with the opinion of dr. Jones, noticing that the use of dynamite may very well disrupt the archaeological context of artefacts. 

'Archaeological context is overrated!' Jones responds to the criticism, 'If I have to choose between losing an ancient artefact and disrupting its context, I'll go for the artefact any day. That belongs in a museum!'

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