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Two Lectures on Japanese and Cross-Cultural Philosophy

  • dr. Gereon Kopf
Monday 20 March 2017 - Wednesday 22 March 2017
University College Utrecht, Campusplein
Leiden University, Reuvensplaats

The Connect project "Philosophy Connections" represented by Dr. Chiara Robbiano, UCU and the 'Comparative and Global Philosophy' group of OZSW (Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Wijsbegeerte): Dutch Research School of Philosophy represented by Dr. Stephen Harris, UL are pround to host two lectures by Dr. Gereon Kopf.

March 20
15.45 - 17.00

Lecture 1: Miyazaki, Meditation and Martial Arts: What can we learn from studying Japanese Religions and Philosophies

At the University College Utrecht, Campusplein - Dining Hall Lounge

All are welcome!

Followed by dinner: please contact Chiara Robbiano

March 21
15.45 - 17.00


UCU Philosophy GET-together: brown bag lunch meeting (bring your own lunch)

At the University College Utrecht, Campusplein - Votaire D

Q&A session with Dr. Kopf among others: cross-cultural philosophy, relational ontology, holism, removing suffering ... and selected quotes from Nishida and Ueda, abailanle in a dedicated post on the Facebook Group Philosophy Get-Togethers.

All are welcome, but let Chiara know if consider coming: Chiara Robbiano


March 22
15.30 - 17.00

Lecture 2: Non-Essentialism for the 21st Century

At Leiden, Institute for Philosophy, Reuvensplaats 2.01a

All are welcome!



About Dr. Gereon Kopf

Dr. Gereon Kopf is Professor of Religion at the Department of Religion and Philosophy, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, U.S.A; Editor in Chief of het Journal of Buddhist Philosophy; author of important articles and books on Japanese philosophy, on the methodology of comparative an gloval philosophy and of a well-visited blog buddhistdoor.net.  He was Visiting Researcher at the International Research Center for Philosophy at Toyo University. He received the Buddhist precepts at Eiheiji.

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