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Brazilian political economy in the XXI Century - what's new?

Friday 10 March 2017
P.N. van Eyckhof 2
P.N. van Eyckhof 2
2311 BV Leiden

The paper deals with the Brazilian national system of innovation (BNSI) from a perspective that privileges advancements in indigenous knowledge geared explicitly or implicitly towards inclusion. That has been taking place in the technological domain –where Embrapa and Fiocruz play an active role in the promotion of economic and social inclusion in agriculture and health, respectively; in the economic domain – where BNDES has been supporting family farming through credit and financing; and alternative sources of energy through the valorization of local content in the production of wind mills; and in the institutional domain – where expansion of technical schools, universities and long distance education has been taking place bearing in mind the inclusion of people from poorer areas and/or from social backgrounds with close to none public assistance in the past. It is emphasized that Brazil’s experiments in those and other areas can be of use to other developing countries through consistent long-run South-South cooperation aimed at economic competitiveness and social capabilities.

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